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Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Pick a Size: 60ml, 250ml, 375ml

Sizes Available: 375ml, 200 ml, 60 ml

Smooth & Fruity

Our California Arbequina is fresh and delicate with a light intensity that offers an abundant ripe olive aroma with a fresh fruity, and sweet taste. Wonderfully smooth with a hint of pepper for a bold finish. A mild flavored olive oil meant to be used every day with all foods. The unique characteristics of the surrounding fruit orchards enhance the richness of this popular oil.

Arbequina is our supplier’s signature olive oil. This high-quality extra virgin olive oil is mild in its intensity with a distinct fruit fragrance. It continuously achieves acidity levels below 0.3% (0.8% minimum to be Extra Virgin). Fruit is mechanically harvested and processed as early as 1 hour after picking. State of the art modern machinery and prompt pressing guarantee that California Extra Virgin Olive Oils we offer are of the highest quality as proven by many awards in the international arena.

Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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