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Linda Fuller and Joe Clearo — Owners of La Terra Natural Oils

Our Story

Linda Lindgren Fuller was originally from Damascus, Maryland. She has worked with helping people for many years. She worked as a medical massage therapist and then a holistic health coach. Love of living a healthy lifestyle, good foods and a relaxed, focused life, in general, brought her toward the olive oil and balsamic vinegar industry. The tastes experienced in shops all over the nation encouraged her even more!

“The benefits are immeasurable! The more I learn, the more excited I am to create and find new recipes! As a store owner, I can help many people, my suppliers, my customers and myself as well, what a mix! I’ve lived outside of Washington, DC and moved from upstate NY to live in Savannah to be closer to my daughters; I’ve grown to love this city and the diverse population! How exciting to be able to say, “I have an olive oil and vinegar tasting shop in Savannah, GA!” I’m thrilled to keep building this new addition in my life – I will blend the shop with my holistic health-coaching career and hopefully be a positive addition to this city. As a foodie and health-focused person, this store had made my life full of wonderful and healthy tastes!


Joe Clearo was a very successful partner of a thriving tire business in upstate NY through December 31st last year. It took about 2 days to know he was not one to sit back and enjoy retirement. Leaving the cold New York weather and heading down to the warm southeast was an easy decision. “Love of the experiences I’ve had visiting different olive and vinegar shops has spurred me into the direction of starting my own shop. Having a best friend with the same interest has made this experience even more motivating. There’s been a lot of soul searching, property searching and product searching, but what we’ve come up with is good stuff!”

The two have built this business “from scratch” with help from a chosen few, they are always ready to make improvements and meet new people! Linda’s nutritional focus and eye for decorating blended with Joe’s amazing ability to build and as Linda says, “fix things” brings a great balance; these two are quite a team!

Linda Fuller and Joe Clearo

La Terra Olive Oil